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Frog Page 12 by msandborn Frog Page 12 by msandborn
Almost there....
Fblan02 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2008
that manga scene is the mossst incredive thing i seen, u must have taken for ever ,
why not impart some of ur wisdom, i and my brother ferna are making a manga and would like to listen to the expert opinion of a pro like your self so if you can spare some time please visist our site
msandborn Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2008   Digital Artist
I like what I see here, the enthusiasm is strong. Focus more on your forms/shapes before jumping into rendering and texture. Also focus on lights and darks. I would recommend Peck (author) anatomy for Artist for some anatomy tips. as well as Scott McCloud Understanding and Making Comics (I own all 3 of these). These are great books to learn about comics, shading, and form.

The one thing that I think is clouding your art is the straight jump into texture without thinking of value. Take a lot of figure drawing classes, as much as you can. I've taken most every drawing class at my college twice, and even sit in once in a while. Draw all the time, everything. If you love drawing, even if you're not quite there, keep doing it. It's a passion. I started drawing all of these boards yesterday at 2:30 p.m. Only taking breaks for dinner, and restroom time. I ended at about 1:30 in the morning Sunday, and started up again about 11 this morning. It's about I guess, commitment.

I am no pro, I'm an artist in training and probably be that way for the rest of my life. I think we all are, and I know that sounds hokey, but it's true. If you master something, typically you don't go back to it. If you keep getting better each time, but there's still room for improvement, go back! Fix it. I'm going to fix a lot with these story boards, but for now I'm plowing through, trying to get my idea down. Then I'll revise, get critiques, and revise again.

It's also about revision, if you aren't happy with the way something came out: Do it again. If you let one piece slip because of this, you'll get lazy.

Anyhow, back to work, I hope that was helpful and keep it up!
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September 7, 2008
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